Deploy NW Component Hosts in Azure

You must perform the following tasks to configure a NW Component Host on a Virtual Machine (VMs) in the Azure Cloud environment.

  1. Search for Marketplace in Azure portal.


  2. Search for RSA NetWitness.


  3. Select RSA NetWitness Platform and click Create.


    The Create virtual machine wizard opens and displays the Basics tab.

  4. Enter the values in the following fields:

    1. Specify a VM Name (for example, NW-Concentrator).
    2. Select Password for Authentication type.
    3. Enter your credentials (User name and Password) and Confirm Password.
    4. Click OK.


      Azure validates the Basic specifications and the 2 Size page is displayed.

  5. Click on the appropriate VM size (for example, Standard DS14 v2 for the Concentrator) for the service and click Select for a VM Size.

    For more information on NetWitness recommendations of the VM sizes for each service, see Azure Configuration Recommendations.


    Azure validates the Size specifications. Click Next : Disks >.

  6. Under Disks tab, Select SSD for the VM disk type of the Concentrator or HDD for all other components. Solid State Disk (SSD) performs better than a Hard Drive (HDD).


    Click Next : Networking >.

  7. In the Networking tab:

    1. Adjust Virtual network, Subnet, and Public IP address according to the requirements of your network.

    2. Enabling Accelerated Networking is recommended for Decoder hosts with higher line rates (> 800Mbps).

    3. Specify a valid Network Security group.

      Note: For information on Network security groups, see the Microsoft Azure documentation ( Refer to Deployment: Network Architecture and Ports ( for a comprehensive list of the ports you must set up for all NetWitness components.


    4. After completing the configurations, click Next : Management >.

  8. In the Management Tab:

    1. Enable Boot diagnostics and OS guest diagnostics.

    2. Configure Identity based on your requirements.


  9. Click Next : Advanced > to enter Advanced settings tab. Make the required changes if any and click Next : Tags >.

  10. In the Tags menu, add Name, Value pairs if any and click Review + create.


    Azure validates the VM and displays the status check.


  11. Click Create to deploy the NW-Concentrator VM in Azure.

  12. Configure the host VM in NetWitness

  13. Repeat steps 1 through 12 inclusive for the rest of the core NetWitness component services.