Create Springboard Panel Dialog

In the Generate Springboard Panel dialog, you can create a Springboard panel from selected query in the Events view. You can add any number of filters in the query search bar and convert them into Springboard panels. The Springboard panels are then available to analysts for detection and monitor the results.

To access this dialog, while investigating a service in the Investigate > Events view, add a query on the query search bar > netwitness_three_dots_12x19.png > Create Springboard Panel from the toolbar.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you first create a custom private board in Springboard.

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Quick Look - Create Springboard Dialog

This is an example of the Generate Springboard dialog.


The following table describes the fields in the Create Springboard Dialog view.

Feature Description
Name (Required) Specifies a name to identify the panel. In the example, the name is Sample Incident. You can provide a name that clearly identifies the nature of events that will be added to this incident
Meta Group Displays the currently selected meta group from the filter query already selected.
Column Group Displays the currently selected column group from the filter query already selected.
Location Displays the location where the defined query is saved.
Pre-Query Conditions Defines a limiting filter for results in the Events view. If you had a query active in the query bar when you began to create the new Springboard panel, the active query is added to the pre-Query field. This is an example of a pre-query condition:

Meta Key

Displays a drop-down listing meta keys available for the service.

Default Sorting

Displays a drop-down listing sorting options.

Visualization Type

Displays a drop-down listing Visualization type options:

  • Donut

  • Bar

Visualization Metric Displays a drop-down listing available Visualization metric options.


Closes the dialog without applying changes.

Save Saves the changes.