Find NetWitness Platform GCP Images

There are two types of NetWitness GCP images. The following description guides you on which image is appropriate for your deployment:

  • Lite Image: rsa-nw-12-4-0-0-20806-lite
    If you have an active NW Server or NetWitness software repository, use the Lite image. This image has a small footprint and does not contain the NetWitness software packages. When you set up NetWitness using the Lite image, it will require the IP address of the NW Server or NetWitness software repository. This image is available publicly, and you can deploy it without needing to contact NetWitness Customer Support.
  • Full Image: rsa-nw-12-4-0-0-20806-full
    For fresh or new deployments, where an NW Server is deployed for the first time, use the Full image. This image contains the entire NetWitness software library and other files required to complete the installation.
    To get access to the Full image, open an NetWitness Customer Support case ( to get granted the proper image permissions.

Note: For more information on GCP image deployment, see the blog post Running NetWitness in Google Cloud.