Fixed Issues in Release

This section lists issues fixed after the last major release. For additional information on fixed issues, see the Fixed Version column in the NetWitness® Platform Known Issues list on NetWitness Community.

Core Services (Broker, Concentrator, Decoder, Archiver) Fixes

Tracking Number Description

The capture.port meta key is not captured after reloading the parsers on the decoder.

ASOC-115687 The original extensions of the long filenames in pcaps are truncated and rendered based on the file content.


When the 10G Packet Decoder (configured with the DPDK interface) is stopped due to the crash or process kill, and the service is started back, it continues to restart until you reboot the host machine. This issue occurs when the huge page files in the decoder are not removed.

Log Collection Fixes

Tracking Number


In the Alarms view (Admin > Health & Wellness > Alarms), an alarm is triggered and the message LogCollector Virtual System Resources Exhausted is displayed when the system resources (memory, disk space) exceed the maximum limit. The log collection is interrupted.

ASOC-120096 After upgrading to, WinRM log collection is interrupted due to the conflict in the internal artifact. As a result, logs are not collected from the WinRM server.

Administration Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-118917 While configuring an email address in Admin > Security > Users > Add User view, if the characters limit exceeds more than six after full stop (.) character, the error message Invalid email address is displayed. As a result, the Active Directory users are not created.
ASOC-119651 Email output action fails after using the server in the Admin Legacy Email window (Admin > System > Email). As a result, emails are not sent to the user's Outlook account.

Investigate Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-118494 Korean characters are not displayed in the filenames of the pcap files downloaded in Investigate > Events view.
ASOC-119779 When you try to load any service in the Investigate view, such as Broker, Concentrator, or Log Decoder, the error message Unexpected error loading the list of Brokers, Concentrators, and other services to investigate is displayed. As a result, none of the services are loaded.

Reporting Engine Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-119652 Email output action fails after using the server in the Reporting Engine output actions window. As a result, emails are not sent to the user's Outlook account.