Fixed Issues in 11.7.1 Release

This section lists issues fixed after the last major release. For additional information on fixed issues, see the Fixed Version column in the NetWitness Platform Known Issues list on NetWitness Community portal.

Log Collection Fixes

Tracking number Description

NwLogCollector Service is frequently respawning with 9/KILL Signals leading the service to enter into a bad state and failure.

ASOC-80137 ‘Last modified’ column on an ESA Rule Deployment does not allow sorting because the UI sends DateModified and looking for this value in DataBase. However, the DB has DateLastModified field, not DateModified.

ESA FixesESA Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC-113649 ESA Rule deployment fails because API calls time out when there are lots of rules in the deployment.
ASOC-114216 ECDHE cipher does not support syslog TLS connection, while establishing connection between the server and client.

Context Hub Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC-113605 List located at Admin > Service > Context Hub > Config > List displays the previously loaded data from the CSV file data even if an empty CSV file is uploaded to overwrite it into Context Hub.

Reporting Engine Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC-113286 In reporting Engine, scheduled weekly report is not generating properly. It runs on a different day of the week even when a specific time zone is selected and converted to UTC, it flows into the previous or the next day.

Core services (Broker, Concentrator, Decoder, Archiver) Fixes

Tracking number Description
SACE- 16772 After setting the Parse Transaction Mode (parse.transaction.mode) to on in Admin > Services> View> Config> Explore> Decoder> Parsers> Config, and try to Filter or Truncate incoming packets via App Rule in the Rule Editor window (Explore> Config> App Rules), the sessions are not processed, and the packets are not displayed in the Investigate page.

NetWitness Server Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC -113390 The build-in exit command (Run nw-shell > admin) couldn’t exit from the NwShell gracefully because the spring application context is not closed properly.
ASOC-113848 Deleted Machine records were not removed from mongoDB though the delete operation was performed on the UI. This happens because of an error in deleting documents containing null / empty array in machinefile collection.


SACE- 16473

SACE- 17131

SACE- 16786

SACE- 16766 ASOC- 49262

Installation of a service on a host fails as the service may already be installed on the host. There is no message to indicate the same. This is fixed by displaying a message listing the services installed on the host before installation.

Endpoint Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC-113850 Failed to upload a file to the Endpoint-server when automatic file download is enabled as the hash of the file to be downloaded has changed. This caused high CPU usage in the machine.

SA Classic Web Application Fixes

Tracking number Description
ASOC-113766 NetWitness service topology tab is visible with the ‘False’ feature tag in extjs pages. Login to NetWitness Platform > SA Source Server> Explorer > features> feature tag.