About Out-of-Compliance Banners

Banners let you know the status of your license and usage compliance.

Note: To help customers transition seamlessly to Throughput license for their network (packet) usage, NetWitness Platform provides a 45 days grace period. So, on upgrading to 11.6, you will not see the Out-of-Compliance notification or banner for 45 days from the day of upgrade for any network license usage. If you upgrade from 11.5.1 or later to 11.6, the available balance of the unused grace period will be applicable after the upgrade. For example
• If the grace period of 20 of the 45 days is used post upgrade to 11.5.1 or later then customers upgrading to 11.6 will get the remaining 25 days of the grace period.
• If the grace period of 45 days is used post upgrade to 11.5.1 or later the customers upgrading to 11.6 will not have any grace period left.

When a license for a specific service is about to expire, an Entitlement Expiration message is displayed with the list of services about to expire.


After you log on, either a red or yellow banner may be displayed, based on the license issue:

  • A red banner is displayed if your license has expired, or exceeded the allotted usage, or if the license has internal errors.


    Note: A red banner cannot be dismissed and the license issue must be resolved.

  • A yellow banner is displayed if the license is approaching expiration or the license is nearing the allotted usage. The banner can be dismissed by clicking the Reject button.


Here is an of example of how the license usage is calculated and a way that you can resolve the license issues:

  • Contracted daily usage can be exceeded three times in a calendar month. The fourth spike puts the system in an out-of-compliance state. If you are able to keep your usage within compliance for seven consecutive days until the end of calendar month, the Out-of-Compliance Red banner disappears.
  • For example, if the fourth spike occurs on November 23, 2019, the Grace Period ends on December 31, 2019 and the Out-of-Compliance Red banner disappears.
  • The breach period starts immediately after Grace Period ends. However, if your deployment is in a breach state, you can bring the state back to normal by keeping the usage in a compliant state for seven consecutive days.

Note: Even when the Red banner is displayed, there is no loss of functionality, all NetWitness appliances continue to work with full functionality. All other functionality is included in the license (ESA, storage, and so on).