Access myRSA

You will receive an order confirmation e-mail. Refer to your myRSA email for login information. If you are a new myRSA user, you also receive an e-mail containing instructions on how to create a new account. Your myRSA Welcome e-mail message contains system log in instructions to myRSA. This document provide you instructions on how to map your product licenses on the myRSA website.

  1. The new users instruction e-mail contains a Click Here link. This link opens an Enrollment Portal, where the -Based Authentication (RBA) method must be configured for the account.
  2. After the RBA method is enabled, a Confirmation e-mail message containing the User ID (which is your e-mail address), along with a temporary password is sent. After the first login, you are prompted to change the password. Once the password is changed, you are logged into myRSA.


    Note: If you have a pre-existing account for the RSA Link or RSA Online websites, you receive only one e-mail on how to use your existing login credentials. You must log into myRSA with your existing User ID, password, and RSA method.

  3. When you navigate to, the RSA Secure Logon screen is displayed.


  4. Enter your User ID and click OK, which displays the Password field. When you enter the password, you are logged into myRSA.

    Your contact e-mail address is used to authenticate your User ID. If the Customer Authentication process is successful, the myRSA Software/License page displays a list of all the following products available which are associated to your site location:

    • RSA Products
    • Serial Numbers
    • Purchase Orders
    • Sales Orders

    Note: You may be prompted to verify your identity through your RBA method, if multiple log in failures occur in a row, or if you have not logged into myRSA within the past several months.

  5. In the Sofware/License page, select the Order Location from the drop-down menu. The list of products, sales orders, and purchase orders are filtered and displayed.

    The Order Detail screen is displayed.


License for NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x Agents

If you are an existing NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x customer, who also has NetWitness Server, Log Hybrid and an ESA box, you receive licenses for NetWitness Endpoint 4.4 and 11.6 agents. You receive the following RSA Order Fulfillment Confirmation email which contains the license details for NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x and NetWitness 11.6.

Note: If you are a new NetWitness 11.6 customer, the RSA Order Fulfillment Confirmation email contains the license details for the current 11.6 version only.


In the above screenshot, the part number with RSA-0015012 indicates that it is aNetWitness Endpoint 4.4 license and the part number with ECAT-SUB-T4 indicates that it is a NetWitness 11.6 license. You will get NetWitness 11.6 license and if you have NetWitness Endpoint 4.4 license, myRSA will upgrade the number of host for both licenses.

To download an Endpoint (ECAT) 4.4.x license, perform the following steps:

  1. After you log in to myRSA, an ECAT Subscription Licenses option is displayed.


  2. Click on ECAT Host Sub License (per host).

    The Order Detail page is displayed.


  3. Click on Product Description.

    The License information page is displayed.


  4. Click Download to download NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x license.

If you have an existing NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x and do not have NetWitness Platform, then you must register to the license server. For more information. see Register the Server (Online Registration).

If you have an existing NetWitness Endpoint 4.4.0.x customer, and also NetWitness, then you can use the same license in NetWitness.

If you are new to NetWitness 11.6 , and have NetWitness Endpoint, then you can view the license only for the current version in NetWitness.