Access Reporting Engine Log File

All Log Files

The Reporting Engine stores the following logs in the rsasoc/rsa/soc/reporting-engine/log directory:

  • Current logs in the reporting-engine.log file.
  • Backup copies of previous logs in the reporting-engine.log.* file.
  • All UNIX script logs in the files that have the following syntax: reporting-engine.sh_timestamp.log (for example, reporting-engine.sh_20120921.log).

The Reporting Engine rarely writes command line error messages to the rsasoc/nohup.out file.

Upstart Logs

The Reporting Engine appends the log messages and output written by upstart daemon and the commands used to start the reporting-engine to the /var/log/secure directory.

An upstart log file is a system log file, which means that only the root user can read it. The Reporting Engine generates log files, retains backup copies of previous log files, stores UNIX script log files, and appends upstart log files to another directory.