Edit the Archiver Service

To add an Archiver service, ensure that you have installed an Archiver host on which you want to run the Archiver service. See "Step 1: Add or Update Host" topic in the Host and Services Getting Started Guide for the procedure that explains how to add a host.

Perform the following steps to edit the Archiver service:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services.
    The Services panel is displayed.
  2. Select an Archiver service and click netwitness_ic-edit.png in the Services panel toolbar.

    The Edit Service dialog is displayed.


  3. Provide the following details.

    Field Description
    Host Select a host from the drop-down menu.
    Name Type a name for the service.
    Port Default port is 50008.
    SSL Select SSL if you want NetWitness to communicate with the service using SSL. The security of data transmission is managed by encrypting information and providing authentication with SSL certificates.

    Note: If you select SSL, ensure SSL is enabled in the System Configuration panel.

    Username (Optional) Type the username for the service.
    Password (Optional) Type the password for the service.
    Entitle Service Select if you want to apply the entitlements currently configured to this service. For more information, see "Entitlement Capability Implementation" topic in the Licensing Guide.
  4. Click Test Connection to determine if NetWitness connects to the service.
  5. When the result is successful, click Save.​

    The edited service is now displayed in the services panel.

    Note: If the test is unsuccessful, edit the service information and retry.

  6. Apply license to the Archiver service.

    Refer to the "Synchronize NetWitness Server" topic in the Licensing Guide for details on the procedure to activate (apply a license to) the Archiver service.