Admin Security View

The Admin Security view provides the capability to manage user accounts, manage user roles, map external groups to NetWitness roles, and modify other security-related system parameters. These apply to the NetWitness system and are used in conjunction with the security settings for individual services.

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Admin Manage users

Set Up Users

Admin Manage roles

Review the Preconfigured NetWitness Platform Roles

(Optional) Add a Role and Assign Permissions
Admin Configure settings Configure System-Level Security Settings
Admin (Optional) Configure external group mappings (Optional) Map User Roles to External Groups
Admin (Optional) Set login conditions (Optional) Create a Customized Login Banner
Admin (Optional) Set up PKI Configure PKI Authentication

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Quick Look

To display the Admin Security view, go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Security.


1 Users tab allows you to manage user accounts.
2 Roles tab allows you to define security roles and assign roles to user accounts.
3 External Group Mapping tab allows you to manage access parameters for LDAP groups.
4 Settings tab allows you to configure password complexity and expiration for internal NetWitness users and to configure system behavior due to failed logins and inactivity. It also allows you to configure external authentication.
5 PKI Settings allows you to enable and disable the PKI authentication.
6 Login Banner tab allows you to set conditions which must be agreed to before gaining access to the login screen.
7 Single Sign-On Settings tab allows you to enable and disable the SSO authentication.