Aggregation Rules Tab (11.0 and earlier)

The Aggregation Rules tab enables you to create and manage aggregation rules for automating the incident creation process. NetWitness provides 11 preconfigured rules. You can add to and adjust these rules for your own environment.

Note: This topic applies to NetWitness version 11.0 and earlier.

What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
Analyst, Content Expert, SOC Manager Create an aggregation rule. Step 3. Enable and Create Incident Rules for Alerts
Incident Responders, Analysts, Content Experts, SOC Manager View the results of my aggregation rule (View Detected Threats). See "Responding to Incidents" in the NetWitness Respond User Guide.

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Quick Look

To access the Aggregation Rules tab, go to Configure > Incident Rules > Aggregation Rules tab.


The Aggregation Rules tab consists of a list and toolbar.

Aggregation Rules List

The following table describes the columns in the Aggregation Rules list.

Column Description


Enables you to select a rule in order to take an action, such as Clone or Delete.

Order Shows the order in which the rule is placed. The rule order determines which rule takes effect if the criteria for multiple rules match the same alert. If two rules match an alert, only the rule with the highest priority is evaluated.
Name Displays the name of the rule.
Enabled Shows whether the rule is enabled or not.
The netwitness_green_dot.png specifies the rule is enabled.
Description Displays the description of the rule.
Last Matched Displays the time when an alert was successfully matched with the rule. This value is reset once a week.
Matched Alerts Displays the number of matched alerts. This value is reset once a week.
To change the setting, see Set a Counter for Matched Alerts and Incidents.
Incidents Displays the number of incidents created by the rule. This value is reset once a week. To change the setting, see the Set a Counter for Matched Alerts and Incidents.

Aggregation Rules Toolbar

The following table shows the operations that can be performed in the Aggregation Rules tab.


netwitness_icon_add.png Allows you to add a new rule.
netwitness_icon_edit.png Allows you to edit a rule.
netwitness_delete_rule_icon_im.png Allows you to delete a rule.
netwitness_clone_rule_icon_im.png Allows you to duplicate a rule.