Alert Template View

In the Template view, you can add, modify, view, and delete alert templates.



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Configure Reporting Engine

Configure Reporting Engine

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Configure an alert

Configure an Alert

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Schedule an alert Schedule an Alert

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View an alert

View an Alert

Administrator/ Analyst Investigate an alert Investigate an Alert
Administrator/ Analyst Manage an alert and alert template* Manage an Alert and Alert Template

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Alerting Overview

Quick View

The following figure is an example with the important features labeled.



1 Click Alerts to open the Alert view.
2 Click netwitness_template_button.png to open the Template view.
3 The Template toolbar allows you to add, modify, and delete alert templates.
4 The Template List panel allows you to view a list of all the templates in a tabular format.

The Alert Template view has the following panels:

  • Template Toolbar
  • Template List

Template Toolbar

Once the templates are defined, you can select a template to simplify defining and modifying alert messages.

The following table lists the various actions in the Template view and their description.

Actions Description
netwitness_add.png Creates a new alert template.
netwitness_delete_icon.png Deletes the selected alert template.
netwitness_edit_icon.png Edits an existing alert template.

Template List

The following table describes the columns in the Templates List panel.

Column Description
Name Name of the template.
Message Alert message defined for the template.