Appendix C. Troubleshooting

This section contains instructions on how to resolve various storage tasks using the REST API.

Reconfigure Pre-Configured DAC Attached to Decoder Using REST API

Th scenario covers how to reconfigure a DAC using the REST API that was configured using another tool and clear any pre-existing data (if no longer need or backed up to another storage device).

The following information describes the state of the host and storage hardware prior to the attempt to reconfigure the storage devices using the REST API.

When the DAC was added, it had old data and was configured (but not using the REST API). This prevented the REST API from executing the raidNew command and returned the Physical disk does not have appropriate attributes error message.

The following steps describe the scenario and with its resolution.

  1. From the Decoder Linux console (or SSH to Decoder), submitted the following command string.
    /opt/MegaRAID/perccli/perccli64 /c2/fall del
    You will find detailed information on perccli commands in the RSA PowerEdge RAID Controller CLI Reference Guide (
    This deleted all foreign configuration from controller 2 and cleared all data from the DAC.
  2. Tried to partition the DAC, but the partNew command failed because that information was already defined on the DAC. partNew displayed that you must use one an available device, but devList showed it in use.
  3. Assuming that the partitions were defined, tried to allocate the storage devices, but this did not work because the DAC was not mounted.
  4. Tried to mount the DAC from the command line, but received mount failed: structure needs to be cleaned error message.
  5. There was no data that needed to be preserved on the DAC, so submitted the following command strings to clean the structure.
    mkfs.xfs -f /dev/decoder0/packetdb
    mkfs.xfs -f /dev/decoder1/packetdb
  6. Mounted devices to their appropriate locations in /var/netwitness/decoder.
  7. Completed the remainder of the applicable steps as described in Configure Storage Using the REST API to reconfigure the DAC