Appendix D. Third Party Server System Requirement

This section contains all the hardware requirements and configuration needed to successfully deploy NetWitness Platform on Third Party Server Hardware. It contains the required compute, memory, drive types and recommendations.

Third Party Server Deployments only support the following NetWitness Platform components:

  • Core Services (Broker , Decoder, Log Decoder, Archiver , Concentrator)
  • Analyst UI
  • New Health & Wellness
  • Log Collector

• Malware Analysis

  • Warehouse connector

Hardware Requirements

Administrators must configure single bootable block device (RAID volume/group) and ensure it is bootable. After installation is complete, See core service storage configuration the NetWitness Storage Guide.


Host Type
  • NW Server
  • Warm standby
  • Analyst UI
  • Health & Wellness
  • Core Services
  • Log Collector
  • Malware Analytics
  • Warehouse Connector
Memory 128 GB
Processor Speed 3.2 Ghz
# of Processors 2
# of Cores 8 Cores Per Processor
# of Threads 16 Threads Per Processor

Storage Configuration


Single block device. 150 GB or greater.

Drive Types 10K SAS or SSD

RAID Configuration

1, 5 or 6



Supported by Centos 7.9 (1G, 10G or 40G)

Capture Speed 3G