Appendix D. Update the Virtual ESA Host Memory

ESA current memory is allocated to 65% of the available memory on the host. (For example, with 128 GB available memory, ESA memory will be 81 GB.)

To Update the Memory of the Virtual ESA Host:

  1. Power down the virtual machine host and update the virtual host memory from x GB to y GB. (Example: x = 128 GB and y = 256 GB).
  2. Power on the virtual machine host.
  3. Log in to NetWitness Platform and go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Hosts.
  4. Select the ESA host where the memory is updated and click netwitness_ic-install.png.
    The Install Services dialog is displayed.
  5. Select ESA Primary or ESA Secondary on the host, depending on the ESA host category, and click Install.
    After the installation completes, the memory settings update automatically.

To Check ESA Memory:

On your ESA host, run the following command:

systemctl status rsa-nw-correlation-server