Broker and Concentrator Configuration

Setting up a Broker or Concentrator involves configuring the basic system parameters, the aggregate services, and the aggregation process between a Broker or Concentrator and the aggregate services.

These are the required configuration steps for a new Broker or Concentrator, and also for changing the configuration of an existing Broker. Perform the steps in the section in the sequence they are given.


Basic Configuration Checklist

The following checklist provides the sequence for tasks that are required to configure a Broker or Concentrator that has been added to NetWitness in accordance with the Hosts and Services Guide.

Configuration Step Description

Step 1 - Verify System Configuration

Verify system configuration default values for the host and service are appropriate as described in Step 1. Verify Service System Configuration

Step 2 - Configure Parameters

Configure parameters that govern the overall aggregation process as described in Step 2. Configure the Aggregation Process

Step 3 - Configure Aggregate Services

Configure aggregate services as described in Step 3. Configure Aggregate Services

Step 4 - Configure Group Aggregation

(Optional) Configure group aggregation as described in Step 4. (Optional) Configuring Group Aggregation

Step 5 - Start and Stop Aggregation

Start and stop aggregation as described in Step 5. Start and Stop Aggregation