Build Chart View

In the Build Chart view, you can define and test a chart. You build a chart by assigning a name and then selecting a rule to include.

Note: Only the NetWitness DB rules can be used in charts.



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Administrator/ Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Configure Reporting Engine" in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide.

Administrator/ Analyst Configure a chart* Configure a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

Schedule a chart

Schedule a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst

View a chart

View a Chart

Administrator/ Analyst Test a chart Test a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Investigate a chart Investigate a Chart
Administrator/ Analyst Manage a chart group and chart Manage a Chart Group and Chart

*You can complete these tasks here.

Quick View

The following figure is an example of the Build Chart view.


The following table describes the features in the Build Chart view.

Field Description

Specifies if the Reporting Engine must collect the data and generate chart results. If the Enable checkbox is not selected, the results are not rendered.

Chart Name

Identifies the name of the chart.

Rule Basis

Displays the Add Rules dialog box from which you select a rule that is the basis of a chart. The rule that you select must be a rule which is not sorted by none.

Data Source

If the default data source is configured in the Reporting Engine, the data source is displayed on the Build Chart page. If a chart is configured to run on any other data source, that data source is displayed on the Build Chart page instead of the default data source. The Reporting module works with the following data sources:

  • Broker
  • Concentrator
  • Decoder
  • Log Decoder
  • Log Collector
Interval (Minutes)

The chart data refresh interval in minutes.


The number of records for which a chart is generated.


Saves a chart to the database.

Test Chart

Plots a test chart based on the chart definition.


Resets the chart details.