Component Version Number
NetWitness Audit Plugins
NetWitness Audit RT
NetWitness Collectd
NetWitness Collectd SMS
NetWitness Bootstrap
NetWitness Component Descriptor
NetWitness Config Management
NetWitness Deployment Upgrade

NetWitness Endpoint Server

NetWitness Legacy Web Server
NetWitness RE Server

NetWitness SMS Server

NetWitness SMS Runtime RT

NetWitness UI

NetWitness Presidio Airflow

NetWitness Presidio ConfigServer

NetWitness Presidio Core

NetWitness Presidio ElasticSearch Init

NetWitness Presidio EXT NetWitness

NetWitness Presidio Flume

NetWitness Presidio Manager

NetWitness Presidio Output

NetWitness Presidio UI

Firmware and BIOS Updates

NetWitness recommends updating the firmware to obtain the latest security fixes and enhancements. The recommended firmware versions have been tested and verified by NetWitness and will not affect the operation of the various hosts.

To update the firmware, you must download the Update Package for Microsoft Windows 64-Bit and refer to the recommended firmware levels. Some firmware versions may require a reboot to be effective. For more information, see About Firmware and BIOS Updates.