Build Numbers

The following table lists the build numbers for various components of NetWitness

Component Version Number
NetWitness Audit Plugins
NetWitness Audit RT
NetWitness Collectd
NetWitness Collectd SMS
NetWitness Appliance
NetWitness Archiver
NetWitness Bootstrap
NetWitness Broker

NetWitness Component Descriptor

NetWitness Concentrator
NetWitness Config Management
NetWitness Console
NetWitness Decoder
NetWitness Decoder Content
NetWitness Deployment Upgrade
NetWitness Endpoint Agents
NetWitness Endpoint Broker Server
NetWitness Endpoint Server
NetWitness Investigate Server
NetWitness Legacy Web Server

NetWitness Log Decoder

NetWitness Log Player

NetWitness Relay Server

NetWitness SMS Server

NetWitness SMS Runtime RT

NetWitness UI

NetWitness WorkBench