Centralized Service Configuration – Policies Tab

Note: The information in this topic applies to NetWitness Platform Version 11.7 and Later.

The netwitness_configureicon_34x30.png (Configure) > Policies view contains two tabs: Groups and Policies.



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User Role I want to... Documentation
Administrator set up a host.

Setting Up a Host

Administrator maintain a host. Maintaining Hosts


maintain a service.

Maintaining Services

Administrator Centrally Create and Maintain Service Policy.*

Hosts and Services Maintenance Procedures

* You can perform these tasks in the current view.

Quick Look

Below is an example of the Policies tab:




  • Create New- Lets you create a new policy. For more information, see "Create a Policy" in the Centralized Service Configuration via Policy.

  • Edit – Lets you edit the policy. For more information, see "Managing Policies and Groups" in the Centralized Service Configuration via Policy.

  • Publish – Publishes the selected policy or policies.

  • More Actions

    • Assign to Group -Lets you assign policy to a group.

    • Clone – Lets you clone a policy.

    • Revert – Lets you revert to previous policy settings. By default, the revert value is set to 5. You can customize the revert value in Explorer view.

    • Delete - Deletes the selected policy or policies permanently.


Filter Pane

  • Filters: You can filter policies based on Policy Type and Policy Status and Service Type.

    To hide, click the netwitness_icon-close.png icon at the top-right of the panel. To display if hidden, click the netwitness_ic-filter4.png icon in the toolbar.

  • Reset: Removes the currently applied filter criteria.

For more information, see "Filter Policies" in the Centralized Service Configuration via Policy.


Policy List Pane
Name – Name of the policy.

Description – Description of the policy.

Category – Type of policies applied.

Service Type – Displays the service type to which the policy is applied.

Groups - Lists the group to which this policy is applied.

Policy Status – Status of the policy. The values are: Published, Unpublished, Failed, N/A.

Last Updated – Displays the time when the policy is updated.

Updated By – The user who updated the policy.

You can also sort on any column. If you mouse over a column header, a sort icon is displayed: netwitness_ic-colsortasc2.png. Click the icon to sort by the selected column.


Policy Details Pane

Displays the properties of the selected policy.

Note: Click the row to view the Properties panel for a policy.

Create Policy

Below is an example of the Create Policy dialog.


The table describes the information and options in the Create Policy dialog.

Field Description
Policy Type Displays the policy type.
Policy Name Name of the policy. The name should be unique.
Policy Description (Optional) Description of the policy. Description should not exceed 8000 characters.
Service Type Displays the type of the service. Available options are Log Decoder, Decoder, and Concentrator.

(For version 11.7.1 and Later) Clone from Existing Service (Optional)

Displays the list of services based on the service type to clone those settings.

Save and Close

Saves the settings and closes the Create Policy dialog.

Define Policy Settings


Field Description
Default Settings

Displays the settings of the service based on the category, for example, Database, Decoder and so on.
Click netwitness_arrowright.png to expand the setting category.


The following describes Default settings:

  • Setting- Name of the setting.

  • Value- The settings value.

  • Description- Description of the setting.

  • All – Lets you to select the settings for customization. You can either click netwitness_ic-circled-plus.png to customize all the settings value or click netwitness_ic-circled-plus.png on a specific setting

Common Settings Displays the common settings of the service. By default, it is disabled.

(For version 11.7.1 and Later) 10g Settings

Fetches the 10g settings.

Customized Settings

Lists the selected settings for customization. Click netwitness_ic-circled-plus.png to add the setting.


Update the value based on your requirement.


Assign to Group


Field Description
Group List

Displays the list of group associated with the policy. A group is disabled if it is already assigned to another policy.

  • Group Name

  • Policies

  • Services

  • Service Type

  • Action

Selected Group Lists the selected groups. Click netwitness_ic-circled-plus.png to add groups.
Save and Close Saves the settings and closes the Assign to Group dialog.
Save and Publish

Saves and publishes the created policy.

Note: This option is disabled if:
- Policy settings are not customized.
- Policy is not assigned to groups.