Configure Data Source Permissions

You can configure data source permissions for Reporting Engine using the Sources tab of the Services > Config view. This helps manage access control to the data sources by setting the data source permissions. Now, with the ability to add more than one data source for the same Core service, you can configure different permissions for each data source of the same Core service. For example, data privacy officers (DPO) can create a Warehouse source using their credentials, and that allows them to execute reports against the Warehouse while restricting everyone else from being able to use that source.

Note: In 11.x, the permissions for NWDB and Warehouse data sources are automatically set based on the permissions of the reporting objects. For example, if the role had the permissions set as Read Only/Read & Write for any reporting object in 10.5, then that role is automatically assigned read only permission for all the data sources that existed in 10.5. If no permission is set for the role, then the data source permission is automatically set to No Access.

To configure permissions to data sources:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services.
  2. In the Services list, select a Reporting Engine service.
  3. Click netwitness_settings.png > View > Config.

    The Services Config view of Reporting Engine is displayed.

  4. Select the Sources tab.

    The Service Config View displays the Sources tab.


  5. Select the data source for which you want to configure permissions by selecting the checkbox.
  6. Click netwitness_data_src_per.png.

    The Data Source Permissions dialog is displayed.


  7. Modify the access permission for different users based on the type of service account of the data source. The permission can be either Read Only or No Access.
  8. Click Save.

    The required permissions are configured for the data source. For more information, see the Reporting Guide.