Configure Notification Servers

This topic provides instructions on how to configure notification servers. For ESA, notification servers are required to define an ESA rule. A notification server is also required to configure global audit logging.

Global Notifications configurations define notifications settings for Event Source Management (ESM), Health and Wellness, New Health and Wellness, Global Audit Logging, Event Stream Analysis (ESA), and Respond. Notification Servers define the servers from which you want to receive notifications from the system. For Global Audit Logging, define Log Decoders as Syslog Notification Servers.

You can define, delete, edit, import, and export a notification server in NetWitness. Individual topics describe the relevant procedures. For more information on ESA alert configuration, see "Notification Methods" in the Alerting with ESA Correlation Rules User Guide. You delete, edit, import, and export notification outputs and notification servers in the same way as templates. You cannot disable or delete notification servers associated with global audit logging configurations.