Configure SDEE Event Sources in NetWitness

This topic tells you how to configure the SDEE collection protocol.

To add an SDEE Event Source:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services.
  2. Select a Log Collection service.
  3. Under Actions, select netwitness_ic-actns.png > View > Config to display the Log Collection configuration parameter tabs.
  4. Click the Event Sources tab.


  1. In the Event Sources tab, select SDEE/Config from the drop-down menu.

    The Event Categories panel displays the SDEE event sources that are configured, if any.

  2. In the Event Categories panel toolbar, click netwitness_ic-add.png.

    The Available Event Source Types dialog is displayed.

  3. Select an event source type and click OK.

    The newly added event source type is displayed in the Event Categories panel.

  4. Select the new type in the Event Categories panel and click netwitness_ic-add.png in the Sources panel toolbar.

    The Add Source dialog is displayed.


  5. Add a Name, Username, Address, and Password, and modify any other parameters that require changes, and click OK.