Create an Instance using Google Cloud SDK Shell

  1. Determine what machine type is appropriate for selection. For more information, see GCP Instance Configuration Recommendations.
  2. Using the image names listed under Find NetWitness Platform GCP Images, create a GCP Instance by running the command:

    gcloud compute instances create <instance name> --image <netwitness image name> --image-project <rsa project> --machine-type <machine type> --zone <gcp zone> --network <gcp project network> --subnet <gcp project subnet> --no-address

    For example:

    gcloud compute instances create nw-server --image rsa-nw-12-4-0-0-20806-full --image-project nw-onprem-images-prod --machine-type n1-standard-8 --zone us-west1-c --network rsa-network --subnet rsa-subnet --no-address

    - The network and subnet values may vary based on the setup.
    - The simple example is shown above, but there are many other options available. For more information, see the Quickstart: Creating a New Instance Using the Command Line section in the GCP documentation.

  3. To modify the machine type, region, zone, or other configurations:

    1. Go to Google Cloud Platform > Compute Engine > VM Instance view to find the VM Instance.

    2. Select the instance and click netwitness_stopbutton_58x13.png.

    3. Click the Instance name (mg-nw-server).
    4. Click netwitness_edit_50x26.png to modify the settings according to your preference and click Save.
      The VM instance details view is displayed.
    5. SSH to the newly-created instance using the default NetWitness credentials.