Disabling Notifications

Notifications are sent when thresholds are not met. Additionally, automatic notifications are sent when baselines are not met. However, you may determine that you no longer require notifications for the event sources in a particular group. In this case, you can disable notifications for the event source group.

Note: Even if you disable all notifications, the details for alarms are still visible on the Alarms Tab.


You must have configured thresholds and notifications for an event source group, and enabled them. For automatic notifications, you must have selected Enable Notifications From Automatic Monitoring on the Alarms Tab

Disable Notifications

To disable notifications (both manual and automatic) for an event source group:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Event Sources.
  2. Select the Monitoring Policies tab.
  3. In the Event Groups panel, select a group.
  4. Click Enable to remove the check mark. Clearing this option means that notifications are not sent for this event source group, even if thresholds are not met or exceeded.
  5. Additionally, you can remove all notifications. However, this is not required to stop the notifications.