Editing a Feed

This topic provides instructions for editing a custom feed using the Custom Feed Wizard.

After you edit a feed:

  • The feed (.zip format) or the file used to create the feed (.csv or .xml) has been downloaded and edited.
  • The feed has been recreated with the updated file and new feed specifications.

To edit an existing feed:

  1. Go to netwitness_configureicon_24x21.png (Configure) > CUSTOM FEEDS.

    The Custom Feeds dialog is displayed.


  2. In the toolbar, select a feed and click netwitness_edit_icon.png.

    The Configure Custom Feed or Configure Identity Feed panel opens in the Custom Feed wizard.


  3. If you want to edit the feed file:

    1. Click download file.

      For an Identity feed, the .zip file is downloaded. For a custom feed, the .csv or .xml file is downloaded to your local file system.

    2. Edit and save the file.
    3. In the Define Feed tab, browse for and open the edited file.
  4. Edit any other parameters in the Define Feed tab, Select Services tab, and Define Columns tab that apply to the type of feed.
  5. Anytime before you click Finish, you can:

    • Click Cancel to close the wizard without saving your changes.
    • Click Reset to clear the data in the wizard.
    • Click Next to display the next form (if not viewing the last form).
    • Click Prev to display the previous dialog (if not viewing the first form).
  6. In the Review tab, review the feed information, and if correct, click Finish.

The feed is added to the feeds list and progress bar tracks completion. Upon successful creation of the feed definition file, the Create Feed wizard closes, and the feed and corresponding token file is listed in the Feeds list. You can expand or collapse the entry to see how many services are included, and which services are successful.