Edit a Group

You can edit the properties of the group at any point in time. The status of the updated group is unpublished if you change the service or policies in a group. If you just change the group name and description, then the status remains published (if it is already published).

To edit the selected Group

  1. Go to netwitness_configure.png (CONFIGURE) > Policies.
  2. In the policies panel, click Content.
  3. In the left panel, click Group. The available groups are displayed.
  4. Select a group to edit and click Edit.
  5. Make the required changes in the group.
  6. Do any one of the following:
    • Click Save and Publish to save and publish the policy.
    • Note:
      - While removing a service from the group, you can opt to either delete the content of the service and remove the service or just remove the service from the group.
      - While removing the group from the policy, the ESA content will be deleted by default.

    • The policy will be listed under the Unpublished category.
    • Click Save and Close to save the settings and return to the Policies view.