Email Configuration Panel

The Email Configuration Panel provides information about email configuration settings in the netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System > Email Configuration panel. NetWitness Platform XDR sends notifications to users with email about various system events. To be able to configure these email notifications, first configure the SMTP email server (See Configure Email Servers and Notification Accounts).

The Email Configuration panel provides a way to:

  • Configure the email server.
  • Set up an email account to receive notifications.
  • View statistics on email operations.


This workflow shows the necessary procedures to configure and verify Email Panel.


What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
Administrator Configure the SMTP Email Server

Configure Email Servers and Notification Accounts

Administrator Email Setting as Notification Server

Configure the Email Settings as Notification Server


Setup, Verify and Activate the Email Account

Receive Notification on Email

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Quick Look

The following example illustrates an Email configuration. The configuration defines how events are notified on Email.


1 Displays the Email Configuration Panel.
2 Allows the user to configure Email Server sittings.
3 Provides feedback on Email operations.


The Email Configuration panel has two sections: Email Server Settings and Email Statistics.

Email Server SettingsEmail Server Settings

In the Email Server Settings section, you configure the following parameters.

Feature Description
Mail server The email server name. The default value is
Server port The server port used to send and receive emails. The default value is 25.
Use SSL The preference for SSL use in communications between the email server and NetWitness. The default value is to not use SSL (unchecked).
From address The address that appears in all emails from NetWitness. The default from address for emails is
Username The username to access the email server. The default value is blank.
User password The user password to access the email server. The default value is blank.
Test connection Tests the connection to the email server.
Apply Applies the email configuration to this instance of NetWitness.

Email Statistics

The Email Statistics section provides feedback on the number of successful and failed email operations as well as the time of the last successful and unsuccessful email operation. For each statistic the name of the statistic and the value is displayed.