The following table provides information on end of life functionality, features and hardware in NetWitness or later releases.

End of Life Functionality and Features in

Feature Notes
ECAT Integration

In 12.0 and later versions, the ECAT Integration such as the RSA Endpoint (ECAT Data Sources) in the ContextHub Server is not supported by NetWitness Platform XDR. Before you upgrade from 11.7 and older versions to 12.0, 12.1, and 12.1.x.x versions, you must manually delete the RSA Endpoint (ECAT Data Sources) from the Context Hub Server .

For more information, see the 12.1.1 Upgrade Guide for NetWitness Platform XDR.

IMPORTANT: RSA Endpoint is the ECAT Data Source used in the ContextHub Server and not the Endpoint Agent.