Perform Endpoint Upgrade Tasks

You must perform Endpoint upgrade tasks as part of the upgrade process. Do the following.

Install the or Later Relay Server

If you have configured Relay Server, perform the following:

  1. Upgrade the Relay Server to or later by downloading the Relay Server installer from the upgraded Endpoint Server. For more information see (Optional) Installing and Configuring Relay Server section in the Endpoint Configuration Guide. Go to the NetWitness All Versions Documents page and find NetWitness Platform guides to troubleshoot issues.
  2. Restart the Endpoint Server using the following command.

    systemctl restart rsa-nw-endpoint-server

    Note: You must keep the security patches up to date on the Relay Server.

Upgrade Endpoint Agents

See Upgrade Agents in the Endpoint Agent Installation Guide for NetWitness Platform for instructions on how to upgrade the agents.