ESA Permissions

This topic lists all ESA permissions and shows which permissions are assigned to each pre-configured NetWitness role. User access is restricted based on roles and permissions assigned to roles.

  • Administrators
  • Operators
  • Analyst
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Managers
  • Malware Analysts (MA)
  • Data Privacy Officer

There are four permissions for ESA:

  • Access Alerting Module: Is required for any permission
  • View Rules: Allows view-only permission for rules in the Rule Library
  • View Alerts: Allows view-only permission for alerts ESA generates
  • Manage Rules:Allows you to view, create, edit, and delete rules

The following table lists permissions for ESA and the roles to which they are assigned. Use this table to see how each role can work with rules and alerts.

Permission Administrators Operators Analysts SOC Mgrs MAs DPOs
Access Alerting Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Rules Yes Yes Yes Yes
View Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage Rules Yes Yes Yes Yes

For more information on roles and permissions, see the System Security and User Management Guide.