This section lists issues fixed after the last major release. For additional information on fixed issues, see the Fixed Version column in the NetWitness® Platform Known Issues list on NetWitness Community.

Reporting Engine Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-131062 When you select any time range except Custom for the first time and click Run Test in Reports > Manage > Charts > Select and Edit a chart > Test Chart to test the chart, the error message Cannot request the chart test is displayed. As a result, the charts cannot be tested.
ASOC-131063 When you create and then schedule the Reports or Alerts using the SFTP Output action, the data is not sent to the configured SFTP Output action in the form of PDF or CSV. The status of the report schedule or alert schedule is displayed as Partial in the Report Schedule view or Alert Schedule view.

Administration Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-130883 When you update or delete any group mapping in AdminIcon.png (Admin) > Event Sources > Manage, the changes are not pushed to Log Decoders. This happens even though the ESM Feed file uploaded to the Log Decoder captures the updated information. This is due to the connection failure between SMS and Log Decoder. Consequently, the accurate information about the group mappings is not displayed in the Investigate page.
ASOC-130904 When the Jetty service runs for a longer duration without a restart, the Metaspace memory exhausts and the error message java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace is displayed.

Endpoint Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-131058 While fetching the metas for fileProperties, the Endpoint Server memory usage increases. This issue occurs when multiple queries are made on the Mongo DB to fetch the metas.