Generate Endpoint Agent Installers

To generate endpoint agent installers to deploy on hosts:

Note: Use a Windows machine to execute the agent packager file.

  1. Unzip the file. It includes the following:

    • agents folder – Contains executables for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
    • config folder – Contains configuration file and the certificates required to communicate between the Endpoint Server and the agent.
    • AgentPackager.exe file.
  2. Run the AgentPackager.exe file as administrator by right-clicking the file and selecting Run as administrator.
  3. Enter the same password used while generating the agent packager and press Enter.
    This creates the following installers in the root folder:

    • nwe-agent-package.exe (for Windows)
    • NWE000032.msi (for Windows 32-bit)
    • NWE000064.msi (for Windows 64-bit)
    • NWE00Aa64.msi (for ARM based Windows 64-bit)

    • nwe-agent.pkg (for Mac)
    • nwe-agent.x86_64.rpm (for RPM based Linux 64-bit)
    • nwe-agent.x86_64.deb (for Debian based Linux 64-bit)

    Note: The MSI files should not be renamed.