Google Cloud Platform Installation Overview

Note: Google Cloud Platform is supported from version 11.4 and later.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instances have the same functionality as the NetWitness hardware and virtual hosts. NetWitness recommends that you perform the following tasks when you set up your GCP environment.

Before you can deploy NetWitness in GCP, you need to:

  • Review the recommended compute and memory specifications needed for each NetWitness instance.

  • Get familiar with the NetWitness Storage Guide to understand the types of drives and volumes needed to support NetWitness instances. For more information, see Storage Guide for NetWitness® Platform
  • Make sure that you have a NetWitness Throughput license.

GCP Deployment Scenarios

The following diagrams illustrate some common GCP deployment scenarios.

NetWitness Full Stack VPC Visibility

This diagram shows all NetWitness components (full stack) deployed in GCP.

Public cloud.png

Hybrid Deployment

This diagram shows the Log Decoder and Concentrator deployed in GCP with all other NetWitness components deployed on premises.