HTTP Proxy Settings Panel

HTTP Proxy Settings Panel introduces the proxy support features of the netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System > HTTP Proxy Settings panel.

Note: Proxy support is only for HTTP and HTTPS proxies and not SOCKS5.

The HTTP Proxy Settings panel provides a user interface for configuring a proxy for use across NetWitness modules and services. The Proxy Settings set up a proxy to be used wherever a proxy is needed in NetWitness. The settings in this panel override any proxy settings configured for an individual service such as Malware Analysis or Live.

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Quick Look

The following example illustrates an HTTP Proxy Settings Panel.



Displays the HTTP Proxy Settings Panel.

2 Allows the user to configure HTTP Proxy Sittings.

This table describes the features in the HTTP Proxy Settings section.

Feature Description
Enable Enable the system proxy configuration for use in NetWitness.
Proxy Host The hostname for the proxy host.
Proxy Port The port used for communication on the proxy host.
SSL (Optional) Enable communication using SSL.
Proxy Username (Optional) The user name used to log on to the proxy host if the proxy requires authentication.
Proxy Password (Optional) The user password used to log on to the proxy host if the proxy requires authentication.
NTLM Authentication Use NT LAN Manager authentication and session security protocols.
NTLM Domain The name of NTLM domain.
Apply Applies any changes made, and they become effective immediately.