Import Alert Dialog

The Import Alert dialog allows you to import an alerts archive and specify whether to overwrite existing rules, lists, and alerts.



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Configure Reporting Engine

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Configure an alert

Configure an Alert

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View an alert

View an Alert

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Alerting Overview

Quick View

The following figure is an example with the important features labeled.



1 Click Alerts to open the Alert view.
2 In the Alert panel, select a folder to import the file.

In the Alert toolbar, click netwitness_options_button.png > Import to import an alert.

The following table lists the actions in the Import Alert dialog and their description.

Actions Description
netwitness_browse_icon.png Displays a view of the local zip file system so that you can select the alert to be imported.
netwitness_delete_icon.png Deletes the selected alert from the Import Alert dialog.
File Name Name of the imported binary file.
Overwrite? Selects the option to overwrite an existing version of the alert you are importing. If you do not select the Overwrite option, a duplicate file is imported and no error message is displayed.
Close Closes the Import Alert dialog.
Import Imports the alert with a confirmation message.