Install Warehouse Connector Service on a Log Decoder or Decoder or Hybrid

To install (fresh install) the Warehouse Connector service on a Log Decoder or Decoder or Hybrid:

  1. Log in to NW Admin server
  2. Enter the following command on NetWitness Server:
    warehouse-installer --help
    The command line interface (CLI) usage descriptions are displayed.
  1. Install Warehouse Connector service by executing the following command:
    warehouse-installer --host-key <ID, IP address, hostname or display name of Decoder, Log Decoder, or Hybrid host>
  2. Restart the Warehouse Connector using following command:
    service nwwarehouseconnector restart

The Warehouse Connector service is successfully installed on the Log Decoder or Decoder or Hybrid.

Note: If you have custom-defined host entries in /etc/hosts, make sure to have the same entires in /etc/hosts.user. Run the following command to ensure that the host names are updated in this installation:
nw-manage --refresh-host --host-key <ID, IP, hostname or display name of host>
For more information, see "Manage Custom Host Entries in /etc/hosts" in the System Maintenance Guide.