This guide provides descriptions and consolidated information for each NetWitness Platform management service configuration property in one place, for example, for services like security-server, investigate-server, and correlation-server. All of these configuration properties have valid default values wherever applicable and do not need to be changed. Please use caution if you need to modify any of these values.

Note: Some of the service configuration values are set during the deployment of NetWitness Platform and are not reflected in this guide. If any of these values need to be overridden, the user must have Administrator privileges.

You can use the NetWitness nw-shell utility or the NetWitness Platform user interface to modify these values. For information about how to use the nw-shell utility, see the Shell User Guide for NetWitness Platform. For information about how to use the user interface to modify these values, see the Hosts and Services Getting Started Guide for NetWitness Platform and the Deployment Guide for NetWitness Platform.