The instructions in this guide apply to physical hosts exclusively. See the Virtual Host Installation Guide for NetWitness Platform 12.1 for instructions on how to set up virtual hosts in 12.1.

Note: Go to the NetWitness All Versions Documents page and find NetWitness Platform guides to troubleshoot issues.

Supported Hardware

Series 5, and Series 6.

Refer to the NetWitness Hardware Setup Guides for detailed information on each series type (

Endpoint Log Hybrid Host Hardware Specifications

Series 5 (RSA R730) hardware or Series 6 (RSA R740 hardware. See "(Optional) Task 2 - Install Endpoint Log Hybrid" in Post Installation Tasks for instructions on how to install the Endpoint Log Hybrid.

Note: If you have RSA NetWitness Endpoint 4.x hardware, you can re-purpose it for NetWitness Endpoint Log Hybrid 12.0.

NetWitness UEBA Host Hardware Specifications

S5 (RSA R630 appliance) or S6 (RSA R640) hardware. See "(Optional) Task 3 - Install NetWitness UEBA" in Post Installation Tasks for instructions on how to install NetWitness UEBA.


Specification Capacity
Model RSA PowerEdge R630xl
Processor Type Intel Xeon E5 -2680v3

Processor Speed


Number of Cores

Number of Processors

Number of Threads

2.5 GHz





Total Memory 256GB

Internal Disk Controller


External Disk Controller RSA PERC H830

SAN Connectivity (HBA) - Optional


Remote Management Card iDRAC8 Enterprise


Total - 6 Drives

2 x 1TB, 2.5" HDD

4 x 2TB, 2.5" HDD

Chassis 1U


18.4 kg (40.5 lbs)

NIC Card*

On Board

2 x 10 Gb Copper

2 x 10 Gb & 2 x 1Gb Copper

(Other options are available)


H: 4.28 cm (1.68 in.) x

W: 48.23 cm (18.98 in.)

x 😧 75.51 cm (29.72 in.)

Power 1100W Redundant


4100 BTU/hr (max)

Amps (Spec) 1100W / 220VAC = 5A

Actual Amp Draw (Post Startup)

2.1 Amps

Events Per Second (EPS) 100K EPS



Note: Network Interface Controller (NIC) card options are available for swap with on-board daughter cards or add ons.

External Attached Storage

If you have external storage devices (for example, DACs or PowerVaults) attached to physical hosts, refer to the Hardware Setup Guides on NetWitness Community ( for information on how to configure this storage.

Physical Host Installation Workflow

The following diagram illustrates the NetWitness 12.1 Physical Host Installation workflow.


Self-Help Resources

There are several options that provide you with help as you need it for installing and using NetWitness:

Contact NetWitness Support

If you contact NetWitness Support, you should be at your computer. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The version number of the NetWitness Platform product or application you are using.
  • The type of hardware you are using.

Use the following contact information if you have any questions or need assistance.

NetWitness Community

In the main menu, click Support > Case Portal > View My Cases.

International Contacts (How to Contact NetWitness Support)