Investigate View

The Investigate view is the primary entry point to NetWitness Investigate. In Version 11.5, several of the Investigate submenus are moved to the main menu for easier access. Prior to Version 11.5, the Investigate view had six submenus, which opened different views that allow you to analyze events from different perspectives. The submenus that remain under Investigate are: Navigate, Legacy Events, Events (formerly Event Analysis), and Malware Analysis. The Hosts, Files, and Users views (formerly Entitites) are available from the main menus to improve the workflow for analysts.

Note: In Version 11.4 and later, the Legacy Events is no longer needed and it is hidden unless the administrator enables it. By default only the Events view appears in the menu, but when the Legacy Events view is enabled, both the Events view and the Legacy Events view are visible in the menu bar.

How NetWitness Investigate Works provides an introduction to all of the capabilities available in the Investigate view.