Jobs Panel and Jobs Tray

Jobs are started by various NetWitness components; for example, downloading Content Management System (CMS) resources from Live Services and extracting logs, meta, and PCAP files from NetWitness Investigate.

In the netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System view, Administrators can manage all NetWitness jobs in the Jobs panel. Other non-administrative users can view their own jobs in the user Profile Jobs panel.

In addition, while working in NetWitness, you can open a quick view of your jobs from the NetWitness toolbar. When a job status has changed, the Jobs icon (netwitness_jobsicon_22x21.png) is flagged with the number of running jobs. Once all jobs are completed, that number disappears.

In the Jobs panel, you can:

  • View and sort the jobs
  • Pause or resume a job
  • Cancel a job
  • Delete a job
  • Download a job

The structure of the jobs panel is the same in all views.

What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
All Pause and Resume a Scheduled Job Managing Jobs
All Cancel or Delete a Job Managing Jobs
All Download a Job Managing Jobs

Your actions may be limited to your own jobs depending on your permissions.

Quick Look

To access the Jobs panel, do one of the following:

  • In the upper right corner of the NetWitness browser window, select your username and then select Profile. In the options panel of the Preferences dialog, select Jobs.
    The Jobs panel is displayed. It shows the jobs of a particular user.


  • Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System, and in the options panel, select Jobs.
    The Jobs panel in the Admin System view is displayed. It shows the jobs for all users.


The Jobs panel organizes information about jobs into a list. The columns present a job progress bar, the job name, an indication that the job is recurring or not recurring, the NetWitness component that is controlling the job, the owner of the job, the status, any associated message, and a download button to allow downloading of a job's packet capture files or payload files.

To display the Jobs tray, click the Jobs icon netwitness_jobsicon_19x19.png.


The Jobs tray lists all jobs that you own, recurring and non-recurring, using a subset of the columns available in the Jobs panel. Otherwise the Jobs tray and the user Profile Jobs panel are the same. In the Admin System view, the Jobs panel lists information about all NetWitness jobs for all users.

The following table describes the available options in the Jobs panel.

Option Description
netwitness_ic-resume.png The Resume option applies only to recurring jobs that have been paused. When you resume a paused job, the next execution of the job executes as scheduled.
netwitness_ic-pause.png The Pause option applies only to recurring jobs. When you pause a recurring job that is running, it has no effect on that execution. The next execution (assuming the job is still paused) is skipped.
netwitness_ic-cancel.png Cancels a recurring or non-recurring job. You can cancel a job while it is running. If you cancel a recurring job, it cancels that execution of the job. The next time the job is scheduled to run, it executes normally.
netwitness_delete.png Deletes a recurring or non-recurring job from the Jobs panel. When you delete a job, the job is instantly deleted from the Jobs panel. No confirmation dialog is offered. If you delete a recurring job, all future executions are removed as well.

The following table describes the Jobs tray and Jobs panel columns.

Column Description
Selection box Enables you to select one or more jobs.
Job Name Displays the name of the job; for example, Extract Files or Upgrade Service.
Recurring Indicates whether the job is recurring or non-recurring. Yes = recurring, No = non-recurring.
Scheduled Indicates the date and time at which the job was scheduled to begin.
Component Indicates the component in which the job originated; for example, Investigation or Administration.
Owner Indicates the owner of the job. The owner of the job is not included in the default Jobs Tray, because only the current user's jobs are displayed here. The column is available to add.
Action Views the job in another view or downloads job files for the job to the default Downloads directory on the local system. Only successfully completed jobs have the View link in the Action column. Only jobs that create a file have the Download link in the Action column.
Message Displays additional information about the job; for example, Extracting files or No sessions found.


Displays the query associated with the job to help you understand any issues with the result. This example provides the deviceid and the query that was submitted: [Deviceid = 7 query = select * where sessionid=35667 size = 0 flags = 0]

Status Indicates the status of the job. Common values for status are Paused, Running, Canceled, Failed, Completed, and other status values are possible.
Progress Shows the percentage complete for a job.
View Your Jobs (Jobs tray only) Displays your jobs in the Jobs panel.