Known Issues

The following table lists the Known Issues for NetWitness

Title RaidList output details are missing.
Problem NwAppliance command ('raidList') displays the available RAID configuration on S6 appliances, but the new internal Controller (PERC H750) is not displaying the raid configuration ('Devices:' information).
Workaround You must use ‘devList’ command to retrieve the list of devices on the internal PERC Adaptor (PERC H750).

Title Warm standby server failover fails.

After you upgrade to NetWitness Platform 11.7.x.x, Warm standby failover fails with the below error:

The version of the export : 11.x.x.x is not the same as current system version:11.7.x.x. This is not recommended way to restore and may leave the system in an unsupported configuration.


Perform the following on the Standby Server.

  1. Go to standby-data directory using the below command:

    cd /var/netwitness/standby-data

  2. Make sure that content is not 11.x.x.x using the below command:


  3. Remove the file using the below command:

    rm -f

  4. Run the following command:

    nw-failover --make-active


The following table provides troubleshooting instructions for issues faced when using NetWitness


RMA PERC H740 Mini on S6 Hybrid Appliances failed.


After installing the PERC H750 as a replacement to failed PERC H740 Mini on S6 Hybrid Appliances, you must import the existing configurations and set the boot device to appropriate Virtual Drive. Perform the following:

  1. Install the PERC H750 on S6 Hybrid Appliance.

  2. Power on the PERC H750 on S6 Hybrid Appliance.

  3. During the boot process, when the foreign configuration found message is displayed, select 'F' to import the existing configuration.

    The boot process fails as the boot device setting might have changed.

  4. Press F2 > Device Settings > Integrated RAID Controller > Main Menu > Controller Management > Boot Device > 2235 GB Virtual Disk.

  5. Save and exit.