Lists Permissions Dialog

In the Lists Permissions dialog, you can manage access permissions for a user role at the list or list group level. Only a user with Read and Write permission can configure the list in the Reporting Module.


This workflow shows the procedure to manage lists or list groups. You can set access control at the list or list group level so that only users with specific roles can access the lists. You can use lists to define rules for generating reports, charts and alerts.

You must ensure that Reporting Engine is configured on NetWitness.


What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
Administrator / Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Step 3: Configure Reporting Engine Data Sources" topic in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide

Administrator / Analyst Create a List or List Group/Create or Deploy a Rule/Test a Rule Configure a Rule

Administrator / Analyst

Create and Schedule a Report

Create and Schedule a Report

Administrator / Analyst View a report or list of all reports View a Report
Administrator / Analyst Investigate a Report Investigate a Report
Administrator / Analyst Manage/Access Control for lists, Rules or Reports* Manage Lists, Rules or Reports

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick View

The following figures are examples of the Lists Permissions dialog and List Group Permission dialog:



To access this view

  1. Go to Reports.
    The Manage tab is displayed.
  2. Click Lists.
    The Lists view is displayed.
  3. In the Lists view, select a report.
  4. In the Lists toolbar, click netwitness_110_list_options_button.png > Permissions.
    The Reports Permissions dialog is displayed.

The following table describes the features in the Lists Permissions dialog:

Feature Description
Roles Describes roles of the users logged into the NetWitness user interface.
Read & Write Allows users to access, view, edit, delete, import, and export lists on the Lists view. Users can also change the permission on the rule.
Read Only Allows users to only access and view the list on the lists view.
No Access Doesn't allow users to access or view the lists.
Apply these permissions to subgroups and lists in this groups Automatically applies permissions to the subgroups and lists in the groups, if checkbox is selected.
Cancel Cancels all the changes made to the permissions.
Save Saves the selections and provides access to the roles based on the selections.