List View

In the List view you can see available lists and groups in a grid.


This workflow shows the procedure to define lists or list groups. You can set access control at the list or list group level so that only users with specific roles can access the lists. You can use lists to define rules for generating reports, charts and alerts.

You must ensure that Reporting Engine is configured on NetWitness.


What do you want to do?

Role I want to ... Show me how
Administrator / Analyst

Configure Reporting Engine

For more information, see "Step 3: Configure Reporting Engine Data Sources" topic in the Reporting Engine Configuration Guide

Administrator / Analyst Create a List or List Group/Create or Deploy a Rule/Test a Rule* Configure a Rule

Administrator / Analyst

Create and Schedule a Report

Create and Schedule a Report

Administrator / Analyst View a report or list of all reports View a Report
Administrator / Analyst Investigate a Report Investigate a Report
Administrator / Analyst Manage/Access Control for lists, Rules or Reports Manage Lists, Rules or Reports

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick View

The following figure shows the List view.


To access this view

  1. Go to Reports.

    The Manage tab is displayed.

  2. Click Lists.

    The Lists view is displayed.

The List view includes the following panels:

1 Lists Groups panel
2 Lists toolbar
3 Lists panel

Lists Groups Panel

The Lists Groups panel provides a list of groups used to organize lists and has a toolbar that allows you to create and manage the groups.

Feature Description
netwitness_add_icon.png Allows users to add a new group to the Reporting module.
netwitness_delete_icon.png Allows users to delete groups.
netwitness_ic-refresh.png Refreshes the view.
netwitness_editservice.png Allows users to access following options: Import, Export and Permissions.


Allows users to filter unused lists.

You can perform the following actions using the Lists Groups panel.

  • Refresh lists in a group.
  • Move lists between different groups. You can move a list from one group to another by dragging and dropping the list in the required group.
  • Create list groups.
  • Delete list groups.
  • Import list groups.
  • Export list groups.
  • Set access control for list groups.

Lists Toolbar

Feature Description
netwitness_add_icon.png Allows user to add a new list to the Reporting module.
netwitness_delete_icon.png Allows user to delete one or more selected lists.
netwitness_edit_icon.png Allows user to edit lists.
netwitness_duplicate_button.png Creates a duplicate copy of the selected list.
netwitness_editservice.png Allows user to access the following options: Import, Export and Permissions.

Lists Panel

The Lists panel displays all the lists defined in a tabular format.

Column Description

Displays the name of the list.

Note: For Name field, the icon to extend the column size is not displayed at the end of the column field. You have to hover the mouse a little to the left side to see the icon for extending the column.

Group Displays the list group to which the list belongs.
Date Modified Displays the date and time when the list was modified.