From NetWitness Platform 12.3 version or later, administrators can view and manage headers and values in the context Hub lists panel's newly added List Details tab. This enhancement helps administrators with more flexibility in enabling and disabling required meta values and helps analysts to have better visibility in the Investigate and Respond Context lookup Lists Panel for further analysis and investigation.

To view and manage context hub lists Meta keys

  1. Go to AdminIcon.png (Admin) > Services.
    The services view is displayed.
  2. In the Services panel, select the Context Hub service and click ic-actns.png > View > Config.
    The Services Config View of the Context Hub service is displayed.
  3. Click the Lists tab.
    The Lists tab consists of the Lists panel and List Values panel.
    The below image is an example of multi-column lists.


  4. In the Lists panel, select a list name for which you want to configure the settings and click on the actions_icon.png Actions column.

    The Configure List dialog is displayed.

  5. Click the List Details tab.

    The available configured meta key for the lists is displayed.


  6. By default, five meta keys will be enabled. You can deselect the required meta keys from the lists and select the required ones.

    - The List Details tab must have at least one meta key enabled.
    - You can enable a maximum of only five meta keys in the Lists Details tab.

  7. Click Save.

    You can now navigate to Investigate > Events or Respond view and click on the selected meta key or entity associated with the lists, the context look-up panel opens with the details of the selected meta keys on the Lists tab for further analysis. For more information, see topic Context Lookup Panel Lists Tab in the NetWitness Investigate User Guide.