Monitor Health and Wellness using NetWitness Platform UI

The Health & Wellness module of NetWitness enables you to:

  • View the current health of all the hosts, all services running on the hosts, and various aspects of the health of your hosts.
  • Monitor the hosts and services in your network environment.
  • View details of various event sources configured with NetWitness.
  • View system stats for the selected hosts by filtering the views as required.

You can also configure Archiver and Warehouse Connector monitoring, monitor host statistics, and work with system logs to monitor NetWitness.

Note: All users have permission to view the entire Health and Wellness interface by default. The Administrator and the Operator roles are the only roles that can manage the Policies view by default. Refer to the "Role Permissions" topic in the Security User Management Guide for a complete list of the default permissions for the NetWitness Interface.

The following figure displays the Health & Wellness module of the NetWitness user interface.


For more information about monitoring NetWitness health and wellness, see: