Monitor Hosts and Services

NetWitness provides a way to monitor the status of the hosts and services installed in your environment. You can view the current health of all the hosts, services running on the hosts, their CPU usage and memory consumption, and the host and service details.

To monitor hosts and services in NetWitness:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > Health & Wellness.
    The Health & Wellness view is displayed with the Alarms tab open.
  2. Select the Monitoring tab.
    A list of all hosts and their associated services that belong to the group All is displayed by default.
    The operational status, CPU usage, and memory usage for each host is displayed.


    A list of services installed on the host is shown below the host. If you cannot see the services, click netwitness_host-expand.png to the left of a host to display the services.
    The name, operating status, CPU usage, memory usage, and the time operating for each service is displayed.