Monitoring Stats

You can use NwConsole to watch statistics (stats) change on a service in real time. However, be warned that this can result in a LOT of output. If you are not careful and monitor too many nodes, the screen scrolls by too quickly to be useful.

As a simple example, if you log on to a Decoder, you can monitor the capture rate in real time. To do this, issue these commands after connecting to a Decoder:

cd /decoder/stats

mon capture.rate

That is all you need to do! Now, any time the capture rate changes, it outputs into the console window.

You can add another monitor:

mon capture.avg.size

Now it watches those two stats and outputs those values when they change. You may have noticed that as you tried to type the second command, the output from the original monitor was messing up your display. This is the problem with monitoring stats. It is not really meant for doing more than just watching the stats after the first command is entered.

However, you can stop the monitoring by typing delmons and pressing Enter. Just ignore the output while you type and it returns you to a proper command prompt. If you want to monitor many stats at once, you can give the path of the parent stat folder and it monitors all of the stats underneath it. For example, typing mon /decoder/stats or mon . (they are equivalent) monitors everything. Be prepared for a lot of output! Remember to enter delmons if it is scrolling too fast.