NetWitness Platform Core Service system.roles Modes

All NetWitness Platform Core services offer role-based authorization modes. This topic describes the modes that are available, and how they are configured within every service.

The configuration node /sdk/config/system.roles sets querying and viewing permissions for metadata and content on a per key basis. This parameter supports the data privacy management function and when enabled using one of the non-zero values helps a data privacy officer to control access to specific meta keys and content. This parameter is configurable in the NetWitness Platform user interface (see "Data Privacy Tab" in the Data Privacy Management Guide for details). When the value is edited, change takes effect immediately.

Zero means that service permissions based on SDK meta keys are disabled.

  • 0 - disabled

When one of the non-zero values is specified, the data privacy officer can select a meta key to whitelist or blacklist the display of the associated metadata, content, or both, for a specific user role on a service.

  • 1 - whitelist meta and content filtered
  • 2 - whitelist meta filtered
  • 3 - whitelist content filtered
  • 4 - blacklist meta and content filtered
  • 5 - blacklist meta filtered
  • 6 - blacklist content filtered