NetWitness UEBA Standalone Installation

This section contains a high-level UEBA standalone installation diagram and a list of NetWitness UEBA ports.

The following diagram illustrates the NetWitness UEBA standalone installation.


UEBA Host and Service Ports

Source Host

Destination Host

Destination Ports


UEBA Server

NW Server

TCP 443

NetWitness Update Repository

UEBA Server NW Server TCP 56003 (SSL), 50003 (Non-SSL), 50103 (REST) Broker Application Ports
UEBA Server NW Server TCP 56005 (SSL), 50005 (Non-SSL), 50105 (REST) Log Hybrid, Concentrator Application Ports
Admin Workstation UEBA Server 443 UEBA Monitoring
Admin Workstation UEBA Server 22 SSH